Launch Digital Asset Exchange, Safe and Simple

Global market depth and

  shared liquidity

Crypto-crypto / Fiat-

crypto deployment

Secured custody solution

for all asset types

Accelerated exchange launch - high trading capacity, shared liquidity, with all asset types

High performance trading engine supports 5 million TPS, high concurrence visits, and ready to use API

Unique tech solutions apply to both crypto-crypto and fiat-crypto trading businesses

Enable shared market depth and liquidity across trading platforms globally

Able to support various order types and all digital asset types

Multi-layer security and risk control system ensure the safety of client assets

PXN’s secure-by-design infrastructure has intelligent attack detection, fraud prevention system, segregated cold/hot wallets, and stringent internal audit and control system

Supports global KYC and AML, maintains secure and compliant user systems through stringent identity verification, facial recognition and other safety measures

Core team has proven record of securely managed over 10 billion dollars worth of digital asset for five years with zero loss

Powerful, smart operation tools and one-stop services

Supports all digital asset types, multi-type orders, interface on both PC and mobile app

Powerful and efficient operation tools including all-in-one dashboard, smart CRM, data analytics, airdrop, smart account reconciliation and settlement, and fast revenue withdraw

Offers a full-suite of training and consulting services including ops management, growth and marketing, compliance and risk control

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